Our pad is designed to be, what we call, ThermoForm to whatever surface it is set to and let heated with light tension. This allows our pads to not only accomplish an outstandingly clean and tight fit but the material is meant to live under the sun and allows the fit of the pad to get better with time. Unlike other tailgate pads that after just a few weeks of sun exposure turn into saggy diapers clinging to the tailgate for dear life, our Basecamp Pad 2.0 is designed to create a tight and clean fit that will hold up through the elements and even get better with time.

Check our fit guide to determine fit for your vehicle.

Basecamp Pad dimensions:
50″ Width (fits five bikes)
43″ Height
Handle Opening:
11.5″ (width) x 10.5″ (height)

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Handle Opening:
11.5″ (width) x 10.5″ (height)

As you can imagine, almost every car manufacturer places their backup camera in different locations depending on the size of the tailgate. Using the dimensions of where your backup camera is in relation to the Basecamp Pad, our opening is 11.5″ (width) x 10.5″ (height). The thermoformed exterior provides protection to your truck by pushing away bike wheels that are thrown over the tailgate while allowing for a constant opening for backup cameras. Fully loaded with bikes? Pop on the detachable window for full coverage of your handle area.

We have seen numerous tailgate covers & shells fit with the Basecamp Pad installed at the same time. The pad sits at just 1″height  allowing for a variety of shells, rolltop covers, and tailgate covers. Check our customer reviews to see pictures of various setups.

You can use the utility strap to tie down up to 5 bikes comfortably on the Basecamp Pad.

When purchasing theBasecamp System($324.99 + Free Shipping) you will receive 1 Basecamp Pad, 2 Lounger Chairs, and 1 Jeffrey Cooler. All of these items can be purchased individually. It’s your Basecamp, make it however you want.

Yes, Cache is happy to offer special pricing for veterans and first responders. Check out our military discount page for more information.

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