Ready to install your Basecamp Pad 2.5?

Take a peek at the video above and follow the steps listed below to easily install the Basecamp System and Basecamp Pad 2.5. Please reach out with any further questions to support@trustcache.comor by visiting our support page.

Most important information:

  • Ensure that the top seam of the tailgate pad is aligned with the outside lip of your tailgate!
  • UPON INITIAL INSTALL, LOOSELY MOUNT  THE BASECAMP PAD 2.5 ONTO YOUR TAILGATE. Don’t overtighten or try to take out the bend on the top of the pad. We have a special ThermoForm process that our pad must go through in order to properly fit your tailgate. Ensure that the top seam of the tailgate pad is aligned with the outside lip of your tailgate! 
  • Allow for a few hours in the sun, the curvewill begin to subside and rest to the surface you have it mounted on. Lightly adjust for more tension. 
  • Repeat two times or until fully set to the bend of your tailgate.
  • When setting the 3-digit combo lock on the carabiner, SET ONE DIGIT AT  A TIME. Test each digit after setting it to ensure you selected the correct digit. Failure to do so might result in you not knowing the combo…

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Lower the tailgate and place the Basecamp Pad 2.5 on the tailgate of your truck. Loosen the straps, then proceed to remove all three straps from the hooks on the front of the pad.
  2. Flip the pad over and drape the front of the pad over the tailgate, then proceed to feed the straps over the gap between the tailgate and the truck bed.
  3. Place all three straps into the gap between the tailgate and the truck bed. Proceed to lift and close the tailgate.
  4. With the tailgate closed, pull the straps under the tailgate and attach the straps to the hooks and carabiner. *The two adjustment straps on the side will have yellow arrows on them. These arrows should be facing out when installing.*
    The carabiner strap, which is a thick nylon strap with a steel wire beaded cable in it – locks to the carabiner via the sewn loop end of the strap. Not the riveted side. One side is riveted to ensure the strap can’t be pulled through the adjustment cam.
  5. CRITICAL. Ensure the seam of the tailgate pad is lined up with the outside lip of the tailgate.
  6. With the tailgate still closed, stand up on the bumper and reach into the tailgate.
  7. From there, LIGHTLY adjust the two side straps and the center locking strap. ENSURE THAT THE THE SEAM OF THE TAILGATE PAD STAYS ON THE OUTSIDE LIP OF THE TAILGATE.
  8. Initially, there will be a bend or ‘wave’ that occurs at the top portion of the pad. This is normal and will subside after ThermoForm process occurs.
  9. Ensure the seam stays in the correct place and allow for the sun to heat the pad for a couple of hours. Lightly add just more tension to the pad. Repeat the process until the pad is formed snuggly to the tailgate. Like a fine wine, the pad gets better with time 🙂
  10. Now that your Basecamp Pad 2.5 is secure, a personalized combination can be set on the locking carabiner. To do so, take a ball point pen and depress the small ball located in the chamber of the locking carabiner (where the digits are located).
  11. Set one digit at a time and then test to ensure you set the desired digit. This way, if you accidentally select the wrong number during the process, you can easily locate the issue and correct it. Failure to do so can result in you having to pick the lock!

  1. With the pad secure and locked, lower the tailgate and hook the Jeffrey Cooler and Lounger chairs to the Basecamp Pad 2.5  using our patented molle webbing on the inside of the pad, and the hooks on the accessories.
  2. To attach bikes to the pad, drape your bike (up to 5) over the tailgate. Do so with the disc rotor on your front wheel facing out! This helps ensure the bike stays in place while traveling.
  3. While the bike is draped over the pad, unhook one side of the adjustment strap located on the top of the Basecamp Pad 2.5.
  4. Run the adjustment strap over the top tube of the bike and attach to the nylon loop on the top of the pad.
  5. Adjust the strap for more/less tension as needed.
  6. ENJOY!

Looking for what truck makes & models work with the Basecamp 2.5 pad? Check our Truck Tailgate Pad Fitment Guide for the most up to date fit information.