Ready To Install Your Basecamp System?

Take a peek at the video below or follow the steps listed to easily install the Basecamp System. Please reach out with any further questions to or by visiting our support page.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Lower the tailgate and place the Basecamp Pad on the tailgate. Loosen the straps, then proceed to remove all three straps from the hooks on the front of the pad.
  2. Flip the pad over, and drape the front of the pad over the tailgate, then proceed to place the straps over the gap between the tailgate and the truck bed. *Note* if the pad is too long for the truck tailgate, fold the bottom panel up and proceed to the following step.
  3. Place all three straps into the gap between the tailgate and the the truck bed. Proceed to close the tailgate.
  4. With the tailgate shut, pull the straps under the tailgate then re-attach the straps to the hooks. Open the tailgate and pull on each strap until they are tight. Then close the tailgate again.
  5. Now that the Basecamp pad is secure, a personalized combination can be set on the locking carabiner. To do so, take a pen and push the button inside the end of the lock, down. With the button pressed down, set the combination as desired, and release once finished. Once the button is released the combination will be set. We recommend setting one digit at a time and then testing each digit. This help ensures your don’t forget your combo. *Note* The combination can be changed as often as desired by repeating the aforementioned steps.
  6. With the pad secure and locked, lower the tailgate and hook the Jeffrey Cooler and Lounger chairs to the Basecamp Pad using the loops on the inside of the pad, and the hooks on the accessories.
  7. ENJOY!