June 7, 2021
What Is a Basecamp System?

The Last Tailgate Pad You’ll Ever Need.

What comes to mind when you think of a tailgate pad? Is it long days spent riding flowy singletrack with your friends? Maybe it’s the smell of exhaust from your neighbor’s ancient Toyota– with a formerly flashy, but now faded pad, donned on the tailgate? Or perhaps it’s just that black thing you throw over your tailgate so that your bike doesn’t scratch up your nice truck. However you may have answered that question, at Cache we are here to tell you that tailgate pads can be much more than that. In fact, they can be a whole lot more. We hope you will sooon understand why a Cache Basecamp System will be the last tailgate pad you’ll ever want or need to buy.

Happy Customer #628 – Brian Borf


The Stuff You Already Love, Plus More!

The Basecamp system from Cache is the world’s first modular tailgate system. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that along with protecting both your bike and your truck, it keeps you comfy, rested, hydrated, and most importantly, it keeps you smiling.

We built the Basecamp to be the hub of your outdoor adventures, so we didn’t want to stop at “just a tailgate pad.

” We built the perfect place to chill and grill, both on and off the hill. We built a haven to rest those legs after hours of wading the river or cruising down the slopes. It’s the perfect place to make memories with the people that you love, while doing what you love the most!

Our modular tailgate system includes two comfy seats and a portable cooler, all of which can be attached directly to the back of the pad. Thus, the Basecamp System facilitates all those adventures by keeping spirits high, thirst quenched, and hunger satisfied. The sky’s the limit; our team is currently developing other awesome attachments to further the capabilities of this modular system.


So, What Else Does It Have?

All Cache products were designed and built to be put through the wringer! Our products are made with waterproof, highly UV resistant materials. The nylon straps that hold the basecamp to the truck, and your bikes to the basecamp, are rated above 500lbs. The foam used to protect your tailgate, bike, and your tuckus is made to withstand high temperatures and water absorption. Additionally, the system’s hooks are made from fiberglass reinforced plastic compounds that are stronger and more durable than cast aluminum. Next comes the lock, our system is the only tailgate pad that locks to your truck with a strap that comes reinforced with a 22mm steel cable. This, coupled with a locking, case-hardened steel carabiner, assures that your pad stays put.

We are also proud to offer a 1 year limited warranty on all Cache products. This applies to any material defects that might happen while you put your basecamp through the best and the worst conditions that Mother Nature can throw at it.


The Last Tailgate Pad You’ll Ever Want.

We are confident that you will love your Cache products as much as we do. Don’t just take our word for it either: visit @cache on instagram to see the Basecamp system in action, or check out to get to know it for yourself. At Cache we aim to elevate your outdoor experience, and that’s why we know the Basecamp system will be the last tailgate pad you’ll ever want or need!