May 28, 2021
Utah Avalanche Center — a donation opportunity

Throughout our journey of developing the Cache brand, connections in an array of different industries have stepped in to assist in crucial ways. From packaging needs to legal help, we have been able to make our dollar go further thanks to good people. A recent example: we worked with Chris Morgan of Two Sherpas to produce an ad. The end result was pretty sweet, and you should definitely check it out here.

Chris and co-founder Dillon Green have worked together for Ski Utah events in the past— Dillon on skis, Chris behind the camera. Knowing the quality of his video work, Cache asked if he would organize a shoot to highlight The Basecamp System. Fortunately, he was willing to work with us; rather than requesting a fee, Chris asked that we use the money we would’ve spent on the video to contribute to the Utah Avalanche Center. Thanks to his generosity, Cache was able to donate $1,000 to the UAC.

If you ski in Utah, the Utah Avalanche Center impacts your experience whether you know it or not. They are considered the primary resource for avalanche information and prevention in the State. UAC serves as a community resource, provides educational courses, and keeps track of avalanche conditions in real-time. Their work assists search and rescue, local resorts, and many other groups; without a doubt, their efforts are preserving lives. As skiers ourselves, we are aware of and grateful for the work that they do to keep Utahns safe. Learn more at