May 28, 2021
Trips for Kids — Quarterly Donation

Cache is excited to announce its quarterly donation to Trips for Kids, a non-profit dedicated to changing lives two wheels at a time. Cycling legend Marilyn Price founded Trips for Kids in 1988. She was the first to utilize bicycle trail riding to deliver lessons in personal responsibility, achievement, and environmental awareness. Through the years, Trips for Kids has expanded to include local chapters across the U.S. and Canada. The organization focuses on helping children in underserved communities through Adventure Club Rides, Earn-A-Bike Workshops, and Mobile Bike Clinics. Adventure Club rides are the signature program – over 230,000 kids have participated since 1988. These club rides offer profound new experiences and challenges that encourage self-confidence, transform attitudes, and teach important lifelong values; for some, the rides have proven to be pivotal and life-changing experiences.

We are happy to discover this amazing organization that provides kids with a sense of wonder through outdoor recreation. In many ways, Trips for Kids’ mission and methods hit close to home for us. We hope that children in programs throughout the country can experience a sense of achievement and fun by developing a passion for cycling. Learn more at

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