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Q: How do I know if the Basecamp Pad will fit my truck?

A: Use our fit guide below or a measuring tape to measure your tailgate to make sure the provided dimensions will work for your tailgate.

Basecamp Pad dimensions:
51″ Width
45″ Length (interior adjustments allows for 3.25″ shortening)

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Q: Will the pad block my backup camera? 

A: As you can imagine, most every company places their backup camera differently depending on the size of the tailgate. Using the dimensions of where your backup camera is in relation to the Basecamp Pad, our opening is 8″ H x 11″ W. Our thermoformed exterior provides protection to your truck by pushing away bike wheels that are thrown over the tailgate while allowing for a constant opening for backup cameras.

Q: Will the pad work with my tailgate cover and/or shell? 

A: We have seen numerous tailgate covers & shells fit with the Basecamp Pad installed at the same time. The pad sits at just 1″ H allowing for a variety of shells, rolltop covers, and tailgate covers. Check our our customer reviews to see pictures of various setups.

Q: How many bikes can I fit on the Basecamp Pad?

A: You can use the utility strap to tie down up to 5 bikes comfortably on the Basecamp Pad.

Q: What comes with in the Basecamp System?

A: When purchasing the Basecamp System ($299 + Free Shipping) you will receive 1 Basecamp Pad, 2 Lounger Chairs, and 1 Jeffrey Cooler. All of these items can be purchased individually. It’s your Basecamp, make it however you want.

Q: Do you offer a military discount?

A: Yes, Cache is happy to offer special pricing for veterans and first responders. Check out our military discount page for more information.

Q: Will you ever have new accessories?

A: Absolutely! We will continue to design and manufacture products we know can be trusted & enjoyed wherever you take them. We will always announce when new products are in the mix and launch dates.

Q: Will your product hold up in inclement weather? 

A: If you’re doing it right, you probably will experience some weather while outdoors. We invented all of our products with premium waterproof materials, high quality hardware, and UV resistant protection to all of our products. Hell, you can even light it on fire!

Basecamp Pad Installation Tutorial

Please see our Basecamp Pad tutorial video or visit our install page for step-by-step instructions. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.